Re: [ANN][EGC] EverGreenCoin | Environmental Green Causes | Full 7% PoS | Foundation


Recent news from the dev: Here are the changes relevant from version 1.3 to version 1.4.2:     – Alert key notifications.    – Addition of 20 ChainWorks Industries seednodes, now totalling 27 seednodes.    – Hindi language translation added. Now 65 total languages including dialects.    – Additional checkpoints added.    – Dependency updates: […]

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Re: [ANN][Qtum] UTXO based POS Smart Contract Platform|On Coindesk & Bitcoinmagazine


From a post by dev team on original thread here: Q&A about Qtum project: —–START—– Q) I have read the qtum whitepaper over last 1 hour so understanding may not be 100% but this is my assessment. Basically it is just another bitcoin fork with extension to the bitcoin scripting language to support solidity […]

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Re: [ANN][Qtum] UTXO based POS Smart Contract Platform|On Coindesk & Bitcoinmagazine


From a post by the team in the original thread here: A quick documentation update, we are working on the English version of the whitepaper right now and we wanted to give a snapshot of our progress.  Later this week we will have some press that talks about our goals, and a bit about […]

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[ANN][Qtum] UTXO based POS Smart Contract Platform|On Coindesk & Bitcoinmagazine

9sce5es Qtum (Quantum) is an open source, decentralized project that aims to capitalize on the success of Bitcoin, while competing for the Decentralized Application (DAPP) and Smart Contract market.  Our goal is to work with industry partners, and launch the first Value Transfer Protocol (VTP).  This will streamline daily business routines, and allow for easier […]

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FLYCOIN : Software that alerts you on price changes and volume on exchanges?


block-explorer AND Mission:There is a new option in crypto that has unmatched quality. It’s trust and integrity is like noother coin in Crypto, and it’s called FLY! This provides an opportunity with sensible, stablegrowth with a connected and trusted community that supports each other. There is an extremedistrust in crypto. Scammers won’t even think […]

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[ANN][EGC] EverGreenCoin | Environmental Green Causes | Full 7% PoS | Foundation


Español – Czech – Română – Russian – Indonesian – Deutsch – Ελληνικά – Nederlands – മലയാളം – Türkçe – Français EverGreenCoin is a currency designed from the ground-up not only to be an environmentally friendly currency but, an environmental movement and paradigm shift.With both the electrically and computationally efficient and secure algorithm of X15 […]

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Re: ⚒ Syscoin – 2.1 Whitepaper released! Contest info posted, win SYS!


Syscoin 2.1 Whitepaper Knowledge ContestWin up to 1.5 MILLION Syscoin in prizes! Contest begins in Syscoin slack #general channel 12/29 @ 20:00 UTC!Countdown here: As part of an incentive program to get people to read and understand the underlying technology of the Syscoin 2.1 core we introduce a question-and-answer style contest where we will […]

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Re: [ANN][ICO] ChronoBank: Revolution in recruitment industry- ICO 30% BONUS 1st 24h


ESCROW information! Sale goes live in minutes: couple of third party reviews if you’re still on the fence: Click the button below and register/access your account dashboard: BTC ICO wallet is 36LHZyzMASdBQMecfSrTx5sGDaFS73YLLJEscrow signatories will be: ChronoBank Team –   Lead signatory Ransu Salovaara (CEO of Revoltra and TokenMarket) – Escrow Sasha Ivanov (CEO of […]

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[ICO] Branche – Mobile & Blockchain tech disrupting consumer financial services


Whitepaper A convenient and affordable way to get flexible payday loans and cheque cashing Money should be a tool for solving problems and making life better, yet too often it is a source of stress and frustration. Branche combines revolutionary technology, unique ideas and a socially conscious philosophy to make basic financial interactions more accessible […]

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BYTEBALL: New consensus algorithm + private untraceable payments


For full technical description, read the white paper: Testnet is already online.  Try it out by downloading the wallet: iOS   Android   Mac   Windows   Linuxor build from source at github Desktop wallets are full nodes (will take a while syncing with the network after the first start).  Mobile wallets are light clients. After installing the […]

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[ANN] – LEOcoin – Official LEOcoin thread – Updated, please read!


LEOcoin Whitepaper Technical information about LEOcoin LEOcoin (LEO) is a peer-to-peer digital currency and open source software project. LEOcoin creation and transfer is based on an open source protocol and is not managed by any central authority. LEOcoin is an altered version of Litecoin and for two years used scrypt-Jane as a proof-of-work (POW) and […]

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[ANN][ICO Running] Wrapper. I2P Market. Zerocoin Source and Fourier Protocol


Wrapper. You can read the first version of our whitepaper here. ICO LinkThe ICO (Initial Coin Offer) of 10 Million WRP will be conducted by You can read the ICO terms here.The offer will last three weeks, with rewards for early investors. The price schedule will be the following: First week (12/11/16 16:00 […]

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[ANN] [KRB] (Ҝ) Карбованець + Karbo + Ukrainian Karbowanec + Cryptonote = Anon


I’m not a developer. Official thread: Карбованець (Karbo or KRBCoin) – Ukrainian Karbowanec Website | Block Explorer | Democats Block Explorer | Charts | Paperwallet | Faucet  |  Source Twitter | Facebook Group | Telegram Ҝ Anonymous digital cash for Ukraine This is Cryptonote fork with some borrows from Forknote and DigitalNote. The karbovanets […]

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