каждые 20 минут Вы можете заработать до 1000 satoshis


накопительный кран с минималкой на вывод 20 000 сат.каждые 20 минут Вы можете заработать до 1000 satoshis с 11 января 2017 года вы будете получать% бонусЭтот бонус увеличивается на 1% в день, до максимума в 100% (что означает, что ваш кран выплаты удваиваются) https://upbitcoin.com/r/stethem Powered by WPeMatico

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FREE BITCOIN and no invest https://www.minegate.org/ref/7049b –  0.00003950 btc per day https://upmcoins.com/?ref=89620  –  0.000008000 btc per two day   https://hashpoke.com/ref/m0jW4  –   0.000007000 btc per day  http://cetobeto.com/?ref=asda0123  –  2880 satoshi per day, 120/H Powered by WPeMatico

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Bitcoin Gambling Sites with Faucets

I have created a comprehensive list of Bitcoin gambling sites that offer free faucets: https://bigcoingambling.com/bitcoin-gambling-sites/with-faucets/ The page above also has some extra filters so that you can find Bitcoin faucets that offer bonuses too, as well as ones which accept players from your country. Hopefully it add something to this community! I plan on creating […]

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Earn FREE BITCOINS with this easy-to-use app


Earn bitcoins by visiting sites, clicking ads, and many more with all-in-one mobile application packed with different legit PTC sites and faucet lists: PTC sites: BTC ClicksBTC VicRef BitBits For ClicksCoin AdderFree BitcoinClixSenseAdvercoins Faucet lists: TakeFreeBitcoinClaimBTCFaucetGoFasterClickAquabitcoinXbitPrint MoneyTrust BTC FaucetMoon BitcoinBitcoinker With BitClix, you can now easily earn satoshis using your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. Download this […]

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Make 3500 in 10 minutes. Easily.

Nice clones from one admin. 500 satoshi per hour on each faucet.While resolving captchas, try not to move cursor on google banners. earnbitcoinonlinehttp://earnbitcoinonline.com/?r=3CNxink4wyQ1JNXztQwEKG7nUQtvVCgWcDbitcoin25http://bitcoin25.com/?r=3CNxink4wyQ1JNXztQwEKG7nUQtvVCgWcDbitcoin26http://bitcoin26.com/?r=3CNxink4wyQ1JNXztQwEKG7nUQtvVCgWcDbitcoin27http://bitcoin27.com/?r=3CNxink4wyQ1JNXztQwEKG7nUQtvVCgWcDdragonbitcoinhttp://dragonbitcoin.com/?r=3CNxink4wyQ1JNXztQwEKG7nUQtvVCgWcDunicornbitcoin.comhttp://unicornbitcoin.com/?r=3CNxink4wyQ1JNXztQwEKG7nUQtvVCgWcDturtlebitcoinhttp://turtlebitcoin.com/?r=3CNxink4wyQ1JNXztQwEKG7nUQtvVCgWcD Referral – 20% on each. Powered by WPeMatico

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Awesome faucet

 PokeBits is a free Bitcoin RPG browser game where you can earn Satoshi gaming! In order to make a withdrawal please visit Viridian Bank. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00025 Ref link https://www.pokebits.com/?ref=7589 None ref https://www.pokebits.com Powered by WPeMatico

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BlockFaucet.com How Good Are You at Guessing? earn Free bitcoin


Welcome to BlockFaucetAn innovative Bitcoin faucet with multi-player blockchain-based guessing game100% FREE Bitcoin Get free Bitcoin from our game and claiming on the faucet Provably Fair Guessing Games based entirely on public Bitcoin data viewable on Blockchain.info Multiplayer Gaming Battle against other earners and high rollers for the winning position in every round Join today […]

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Best Faucets Aug 15/2016

My favorite for Bitcoin, I can get 11250 every 6 hours = 45000 per day. https://coinpower.io/?partner=114036886 606 every 60 mins… http://free-satoshi.info/register.php?ref=twoplanker72400 satoshi cada 720.. http://bitcointrip.xyz/?r=126oN6Yg7jCf8oa8oX54J6cokvwKizv9U71500 every 80 mins… http://Freesatoshi.info/register.php?ref=twoplanker72 1200 every 60 mins… http://greensatoshi.com/register.php?ref=twoplanker72  200/800 every 60 min… http://icebitcoin.ru/?r=126oN6Yg7jCf8oa8oX54J6cokvwKizv9U71100 every 990 minutes… http://heidibtc.com/?r=126oN6Yg7jCf8oa8oX54J6cokvwKizv9U7820 every 800 minutes…. http://machupichubtc.com/?r=126oN6Yg7jCf8oa8oX54J6cokvwKizv9U7900 every 800 minutes… http://hermeticbtc.com/?r=126oN6Yg7jCf8oa8oX54J6cokvwKizv9U7175-100000 every 30 minutes… http://leakybitcoins.com/?r=126oN6Yg7jCf8oa8oX54J6cokvwKizv9U7700-1200 […]

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Exchange/Sell Paysafecard, Amazon Gift, Neosurf, PCS coupon/voucher, NeoCode, Tr

Dear forum members with our service you can exchange prepaid vouchers like Amazon, Paysafecard, Pcs coupon, Neosurf, Neocode and electronic currencies to bitcoin and other e-currency like perfect money, Bitcoin, PayPal and other. Our  reliable and trusted service with good rate and feedbacks, we are offering to exchange / buy or sell: Paysafecard, Amazon gift cards, […]

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FaucetBox Faucet List! 48 faucets!! Rotator!! Updated! 11.7.16!!


Here is a list currently working faucets and a rotator BTC-Rotator of these faucets Enjoy Faucet list with more details direct payment faucets:FreebitCoin Win Free Bitcoins up to 200$ every hour! Recommended!ClaimBTCTakeFreeBitcoin faucetbox faucets: F3 btc NEWPays 50-150 satoshis every 1min BTCfaucetbox NEWPays 10-5k satoshis every 5minKenkybtc NEWPays 50-200 satoshis every 30minIbitcoin NEWPays 50-300 satoshis […]

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FaucetBox Faucet List! 48 faucets!! Rotator!! Updated! 7.7.16!!


Here is a list currently working faucets and a rotator BTC-Rotator of these faucets Enjoy direct payment faucets:FreebitCoin Win Free Bitcoins up to 200$ every hour! Recommended!ClaimBTCTakeFreeBitcoin faucetbox faucets: BoxFaucet NEW Pays 550 satoshis every 1440minnot in rotatorOneFaucet NEW Pays 600 satoshis every 800minnot in rotatorWitchFaucet NEW Pays 666–>666666 satoshis every 666minSpainBTC NEW Pays 666 […]

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topbitc.com – free Faucet Bitcoin – not a scam

topbitc.com free Bitcoin FaucetEarn 300 satoshi every 60 minutes Price:  FreeWithdraw: 20000 satoshiWithdraw Payment: WalletReferral 10% http://www.topbitc.com?ref=c312dc7f Note:some time you can not withdraw Answer:don’t worrythere is no problem with withdraw Wait it is Not a scamit’s just “Low balance” this time , the balance withdraw in site less than 15,000 Satoshi At this momentso Just […]

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